Pombal Shelf 16" Starter Kit | White

SKU #: TH-9000.310607

Modern Pombal Shelf in White finish is a stylish and practical piece of furniture. It does not take a lot of space in the room, convenient to arrange books and display decorative items.
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1. Product details

Wonderful piece of furniture, this Pombal Shelf, offers practicality and convenience to a room. It has shelves, enough to arrange books or other necessary items. It is an excellent decorative piece of furniture.



  • Pombal Collection
  • Modular Wall Systems
  • Finish:  Matte white finish
  • Material:  Mat Lacquer/MDF/Honeycomb
  • Clean with damp cloth and avoid solvents
  • Shelf 13'' weight capacity: 44    
  • Designer: Temahome
  • Made in Portugal



  • 88 Height x 16 Width x 13 Depth

Product's SKU: TH-9000.310607

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