Pombal Shelf 29" Starter Kit | Walnut

SKU #: TH-9003.948336

This practical Starter Kit features modern and useful piece of furniture, which fits in any room in your home. It has shelves, enough to arrange books or other necessary items. If you wish to improve stylish look in the room, this Shelf Expansion Kit exactly what you need.
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1. Product details

Pombal Shelf 29" Starter Kit in Walnut finish improves stylish outlook in the room. This piece is designed as a decorative part of furniture, practical and useful. It does not take a lot of space in the room. This shelf is easy to install to the wall and convenient to arrange books or display decorative items.



  • Pombal Collection
  • Modular Wall Systems
  • Finish:  Natural walnut veneer
  • Material:  Veneer/MDF/Honeycomb
  • Clean with damp cloth and avoid solvents
  • Shelf 27'' weight capacity: 55 
  • Designer: Temahome
  • Made in Portugal



  • 88 Height x 29 Width x 13 Depth

Product's SKU: TH-9003.948336

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