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  • Fabiano Dining Table with Round Glass Top

    Unique, beautiful, stylish, modern, trendy, comfortable and neat dining table. This dining table is a collection of...

    Our price: $675.00

  • Big Ben Wall Art

    Designed in modern style with retro elements, this Wall Art by Creative Furniture will complemet both contemporary ...

    Our price: $225.00
    Old price: $250.00

  • Airplane Wall Art

    Embellish any space with tThe modern frameless wall art. Contemporary wall accessory uses durable and safe tempered...

    Our price: $700.00

  • Abstract Bridge Picture

    This semi-abstract wall art is part of Pictures Collection designed by Creative Furniture. The painting will become...

    Our price: $350.00

  • Vicky Dining Chair in Orange

    Decorate your room with this bright, colorful, stylish, modern, trendy, comfortable, neat and cheerful dining chair...

    Our price: $175.00
    Old price: $194.44

  • Orlando Modern Dining Chair in Orange (Set of Two)

    Freshen up your dining room decor with the modern Orlando Dining Chair upholstered in Orange Faux Leather.

    Our price: $200.00
    Old price: $222.22

  • Rainy Crowd Picture

    This wall art will suit to any modern interior. The painting is part of Creative Furniture's collection of pic...

    Our price: $350.00

  • Vicky Dining Chair in Black

    Add luxury and elegance to your room with this stylish, sophisticated, modern, stylish, trendy and comfortable dini...

    Our price: $175.00
    Old price: $194.44

  • Muse Room Divider | Black

    The modern and stylish divider by Creative Furniture is finished in a powder coated black with matching smoked temp...

    Our price: $1300.00

  • Megan Dining Chair in Black Eco-Leather

    Sleek, stylish, modern, trendy, neat, elegant and comfortable dining chair. This chair is part of the Megan Collect...

    Our price: $200.00
    Old price: $222.22

  • Omega Coffee Table in White Glass

    Bright, beautiful, neat, stylish, trendy, modern, comfortable, fun and elegant coffee table. This coffee table is i...

    Our price: $625.00

  • Alexia White Dining Table

    The shining and bright high gloss top of this trendy and appealing Alexia White High Gloss/ Silver Extendable Dinin...

    Our price: $1425.00

  • Bridge Tempered Glass Wall Art

    This urban inspired wall art has frameless design with contemporary flair. Set of 4 hooks is provided in hardware k...

    Our price: $700.00

  • Fabio Coffee Table

    A contemporary work of art is beautiful, stylish and modern coffee table. This coffee table treat Fabio Collection....

    Our price: $475.00

  • Blanch High Gloss White/Chrome Buffet

    Such a stylish buffet might just become the center of attention at your next party. The shining and bright high glo...

    Our price: $1300.00

  • Electra Room Divider | Clear

    Featuring a bright chromed stainless steel finish, the divider is complete with clear tempered glass shelving.

    Our price: $800.00

  • Fabiano Dining Chair in Black

    Beautiful, trendy, modern, stylish, comfortable, elegant and neat dining chair. This dining chair is a collection o...

    Our price: $175.00
    Old price: $194.44

  • Retro Automobile - 1 Wall Art

    Tempered glass material ensures durability and safety. The frameless wall art is contemporary art that will embelli...

    Our price: $575.00

  • Ocean Waves Picture

    Creative Furniture offers amazing wall art in different styles and colors. This wall art from Philosophy Collection...

    Our price: $475.00

  • Colors of Nature Wall Art

    Contemporary wall art with saturated landscape includes tempered glass. It makes it durable and safe.

    Our price: $700.00

  • Omega Coffee Table in Black Glass

    Gorgeous, bright, stylish, modern, trendy, fun and comfortable coffee table. This coffee table is included in the O...

    Our price: $625.00

  • Chemistry Dining Table with Black Tempered Glass

    Chemistry is an award winning design that can easily fit any contemporary room and lifestyle. The Chemistry Dining ...

    Our price: $875.00

  • Crystal Modern Glass Dining Table

    What is more beautiful and elegant than the simplicity of sculpted clear glass? The Crystal Tempered and Bent Glass...

    Our price: $725.00

  • Vivid Piano Picture

    This vivd picture is nice decorative accent for any modern/contemporary areas. The combination of red, blue, green ...

    Our price: $400.00

  • Antique Quotes Wall Art

    If you like antique decorative accents, this Wall Art by Creative Furniture is definetly for you. The wall art feat...

    Our price: $250.00
    Old price: $277.78

  • Fabiano Dining Chair in White

    Elegant, graceful, neat, beautiful, stylish, modern and trendy dining chair. This dining chair is a collection of F...

    Our price: $175.00
    Old price: $194.44

  • B-Side Chair | Transparent

    Surprise your guests, family and friends with this fun, stylish, modern, beautiful, fashionable, comfortable and cr...

    Our price: $275.00
    Old price: $305.56

  • Abstract Landscape Wall Art

    Create unusual and abstract accent in your home decor with this Wall Art from Philosophy Collection designed by Cre...

    Our price: $425.00

  • Mia Modern Bed in White Eco-Leather

    With low profile design on elegant and shiny stainless steel legs, the Mia Bed makes a clean modern touch in any mo...

    Our price: $1875.00

  • Chemistry White Dining Table

    This Chemistry White Dining Table by Creative Furniture is modern and fashionable. Just for your new updated dining...

    Our price: $875.00

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Items 1 - 30 of 241
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