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  • Juggling Time Clock

    Clean contemporary clock uses glass and aluminum and is hand crafted and hand finished, no two pieces a like.

    Our price: $402.50
    Old price: $473.53

  • Montreal Square Wall Clock | Crystal Accents by Michael Amini

    Inspiring modern retro design of this square wall clocks is complemented with classic roman numerals and crystal ac...

    Our price: $139.00

  • Montreal Wall Clock by Michael Amini

    The industrial Wall Clock with its original design is made to beautify any room in your home.

    Our price: $229.00

  • Grandfather Clock in Deep Brown

    A great addition to your room - Grandfather clock is finished in a deep brown finish. Due to its functionality and ...

    Our price: $511.00

  • Ronan Large Clock | Uttermost

    Dark, rustic bronze finish accented with a rust gray frame. Quartz movement.

    Our price: $503.80

  • Reach Wall Clock | Rootbeer

    Quartz clock movements ensure reliability and trouble-free service. The Reach Wall Clock is hand assembled and requ...

    Our price: $264.50

  • Shannon Silver Wall Clock

    The wall clock embellishes any room with its simple charm. Clock face comes with glass cover and Roman numbers.

    Our price: $263.00

  • Karbin Traditional Pendulum Grandfather Clock | Dark Walnut

    Illuminate any settings with stunning accents, beautiful appearance and durable design of the Karbin Traditional Pe...

    Our price: $550.00

  • Lambin Grandfather Clock | Dark Walnut

    Accentuated with gold dial this clock has glass shelves behind the door. The traditional design of this piece perfe...

    Our price: $550.00

  • Pocket Watch Nickel Marchant Black Clock | Uttermost

    Nickel plated brass pocket watch replica that hangs on an adjustable telescopic stand. Requires 1-aa battery. Stand...

    Our price: $81.40

  • 1197 Clock

    Add a charming modern piece to any room of your home with this attractive clock.

    Our price: $115.71

  • Ali Brown Wall Clock

    Strict and classic accessory will be a great addition for your traditional interior. Its elegant frame shows brown ...

    Our price: $237.00

  • Phantom Wall Clock

    Stylish and shiny, this Phantom Wall Clock will immediately grab everyone's attention. The clock features brus...

    Our price: $402.50
    Old price: $473.53

  • Waves Wall Clock | Red

    Make a handsome addition to any room with modern design of the Waves Wall Clock Blue in Brushed Aluminum and Red. ...

    Our price: $227.70

  • Marsha Traditional Pendulum Grandfather Clock | Cherry

    Add charm to any room in your home with beautiful appearance, stunning accents and durable design of this Marsha Tr...

    Our price: $550.00

  • Aldo Clock | Uttermost

    Sleek and stylish, this clock has a lightly antiqued gold leaf finish with a light gray glaze and black glass clock...

    Our price: $143.00

  • Louisa Clock | Uttermost

    Distressed, antiqued ivory finish with mahogany undertones. Quartz movement.

    Our price: $257.40

  • Round N' Round Clock

    Not just a clock, but also an interesting decorative accent, Round n' Round wall clock by NOVA Lighting will c...

    Our price: $632.50
    Old price: $744.12

  • Lokavya Curved Grandfather Clock

    Adorn your romantic interior using this refined accessory, that has an elegantly curved base.

    Our price: $872.00

  • Meit Traditional Pendulum Grandfather Clock | Dark Walnut

    With its beautiful appearance, stunning accents and durable design, this Meit Traditional Pendulum Grandfather Cloc...

    Our price: $448.00

  • Argento Clock | Uttermost

    This pocket watch themed wall clock features a brushed aluminum clock face under glass with rust distressing and da...

    Our price: $217.80

  • Question Of Time Clock

    Perfect, functional accent to any modern room. The Nova Lighting striking and artistic Question of Time Clock perfe...

    Our price: $403.00
    Old price: $474.12

  • Auguste Verdier Clock | Uttermost

    Weathered, laminated clock face with cast antiqued brass details. Requires 1-aa battery.

    Our price: $182.60

  • Kuladeva Grandfather Clock | Antique White

    Antique look of this accessory is underlined by traditional design and white color palette. This clocks will decora...

    Our price: $688.00

  • Vendome Pendulum Wall Clock

    The Wall Clock features an intriguing design.

    Our price: $227.70

  • 31" Wall Riser Clock | Uttermost

    This clock riser is optional and can be supplemented with the appropriate Timeworks clocks as support and provide a...

    Our price: $21.00

  • Paron Clock | Uttermost

    Distressed, aged blue finish with rust undertones and an antiqued clock face.

    Our price: $272.80

  • Alexandre Martinot 23" Clock | Uttermost

    Weathered laminated clock face with cast brass details. Requires 1-AA battery.

    Our price: $177.00

  • Hour Glass Clock

    Hour Glass Clock is transitional styled round wall clock with large silver numbers, black hands, and a glass plate ...

    Our price: $345.00
    Old price: $405.88

  • Almonzo Clock | Uttermost

    Brass clock features a step down, layered base and the clock encasement swivels to allow the clock to be viewed at ...

    Our price: $85.80

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Items 1 - 30 of 163
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Cappuccino Wall Clock

Price: $144.00  

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