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  • Aspen Floor / Wall Fountain

    The fountain is designed as a wall / floor decorative element with stainless steel body, tempered colored mirror, a...

    Our price: $594.00

  • Waterville Wall Fountain

    The fountain combines sleek contemporary design with natural beauty, featuring stainless steel body with tempered m...

    Our price: $360.00

  • Stacked Triangles Fountain

    Bring the natural beauty of slate and geometric design to your home with this wonderful fountain by Kenroy Home.

    Our price: $322.00

  • Regal Wall Fountain | Coquina

    Add this rare indoor / outdoor wall fountain to make a statement in your home interior or patio. Regal Wall Fountai...

    Our price: $268.00

  • Aspen Wall Fountain

    Give a three-dimensional action to your home decor with amazing Aspen Wall Fountain by Kenroy Home. The fountain ha...

    Our price: $360.00

  • Aqueduct Floor Fountain

    This contemporary fountain by Kenroy Home features a ladder of eight alternating spouts to create a maze of cascadi...

    Our price: $499.00

  • Aqueduct Table Fountain

    Try not to lose track of time staring at this fountain’s six tiers of flowing water. The fountain’s nat...

    Our price: $263.00

  • San Marco Wall Fountain

    Inspired by Spanish architecture, San Marco fountain features seven water streams and a unique Plum Bronze finish. ...

    Our price: $268.00

  • Agua Indoor / Outdoor Floor Fountain

    Three tiers of water pour through this collection of elongated graceful pots, glazed in a brilliant Cerulean wash. ...

    Our price: $322.00

  • Sokoto Indoor / Outdoor Floor Fountain

    This attractive floor fountain includes painted resin reservoir adorned with polished river stones, and painted lig...

    Our price: $248.00

  • Glissade Floor Fountain | Bronze

    Add beautiful look to your home design with this floor fountain. Glissade Floor Fountain comes in bronze finish wit...

    Our price: $358.00

  • Waterdrop Indoor Table Fountain

    The sound of falling water paired with the understated design of fountain brings tranquility to any location.

    Our price: $149.00

  • Falling Water Wall / Table Fountain

    With a lovely natural Copper panel for water to skim along, this thin Falling Water Fountain saves space while stil...

    Our price: $171.00

  • Timber Indoor/Outdoor Floor Fountain | Wood Grain

    Add an earthy ambiance to your indoor or outdoor space with the Timber Floor Fountain by Kenroy Home. Relax to the ...

    Our price: $248.00

  • Bedrock Falls Table / Wall Fountain

    Whether you hang it on your wall or display it on the table, this fountain is sure to be a focal point in the room....

    Our price: $268.00

  • Curves Floor Fountain | Black Finish

    This indoor floor fountain is finished in black. The fountain has an on/off line switch and an attachable halogen l...

    Our price: $403.00

  • Traverse Natural Slate with Copper Accents Floor Fountain

    Water cascades down the 14 tiered slate steps of beautiful floor fountain by Kenroy Home.

    Our price: $470.00

  • Agua Indoor / Outdoor Floor Fountain | Rust

    This fountain will bring motion to your indoor / outdoor space, with its feel of native craft nad freshness. Made o...

    Our price: $322.00

  • Bedrock Falls Floor Fountain

    Relish the soothing sounds of nature with this contemporary fountain by Kenroy Home. Sparkling streams of water tri...

    Our price: $499.00

  • Leaves Floor Fountain

    One of the great things about this floor fountain is that it provides beauty regardless of the weather outside.

    Our price: $250.00

  • Mantra Indoor Table Fountain

    Use this fountain to meditate and relax in the midst of a rough day. The Montra features a wood grain finish on its...

    Our price: $113.00

  • Waterwall Floor Fountain

    The fashion of slate has risen to new heights. The fountain's body is finished in a natural slate and mounted ...

    Our price: $499.00

  • Tacora Horizontal Fountain

    This stylish fountain features a beautiful natural slate finish and rustic copper tones, giving a contemporary eleg...

    Our price: $263.00

  • Regal Wall Fountain | Sandstone

    Sure to make a tasteful artistic touch in you home interior or patio, Regal Wall Fountain by Kenroy Home is designe...

    Our price: $268.00

  • Vestaglia Indoor Wall Fountain | Burnished Gold

    Water gently flows from the vessels held by four figures. The contrast of the Burnished Gold of the vessels and the...

    Our price: $198.00

  • Waterwall Table/Wall Fountain

    This is an excellent fountain for smaller rooms; its 32-inch height makes it easy to mount on a wall or place on a ...

    Our price: $268.00

  • Rushmore Outdoor Floor Fountain

    Accented with painted light concrete column, Rushmore Outdoor Floor Fountain features natural gray slate and natura...

    Our price: $360.00

  • Glissade Floor Fountain | Stainless Steel

    This adorable floor fountain adds a sophisticated look to your design. It comes in stainless steel finish with mirr...

    Our price: $358.00

  • Galway Wall Fountain

    The noble look of ancient Stone and cryptic icons in Coquina finish will gracefully adorn your decor, while adding ...

    Our price: $268.00

  • Walla Indoor Wall Fountain

    This modern wall fountain, with its stone filled trough and sleek posture, has a low warm glow and will add a seren...

    Our price: $247.00

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Items 1 - 30 of 39
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